Come and See

Come and see. Such a simple invitation. As Adam opened the word with us this week, we learned that the message of Jesus as the risen Savior was spread throughout the early church on invitations as simple as this.

Whether you are at work, at school, among friends, or even in a lobby waiting for service, you can be a witness for Jesus. When people question if Jesus is really what he claims to be, your response can be as easy as “come and see.”

That is all Jesus asks. All he asks is that we simply invite them to the well. The spirit will lead them to drink. Let them bring their questions. Let them bring their doubts. The spirit is more than equipped to deal with those. What we must do is extend the invitation to come and “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8

Anywhere Jesus is, that place becomes an oasis of hope. However, this precious resource should not be hoarded. Unlike earthly water, the more people gather and drink, the greater this oasis grows.

Jesus is working at Celebration SDA. As the Spirit descends to stir the waters in our church, let us extend the simple invitation to others to Come and See.