Heaven Was Opened

Nothing pleases the Father more than one of his Children coming to Him. All of heaven celebrates when even one person commits their lives to Jesus. This weekend, as we witnessed the baptism of Eileen, Leon, Laila and Patty, the celebration must have shaken the heavens.

Something special happens when someone commits their life to Christ. In Matthew 3:16-17, we see this in the beautiful portrayal of the baptism of Jesus.

“As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him. And a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.’ ”

When someone commits their life to Christ, amazing things happen. The spirit of God descends upon us. This weekend was truly inspiring. The sounds of the rejoicing, the outpouring of hearts to Jesus, witnessing lives made new springing up from the water – the Spirit was moving. Surely the Spirit of God had descended upon us.

Secondly, God is well pleased. Even the tearful, joyous pride of friends and family of the children coming out of the water cannot match the joy expressed by heaven. Jesus wants us to commit to Himself so much that he died on a cross to grant us salvation. There is nothing that pleases Him more than one of His children dedicating their life to Him.

But the most amazing thing that happens, is that the heavens are opened. No other public commitment is like baptism. A marriage vow lasts until “death do us part.” A public oath lasts only until the terms of the oath are served. Baptism is different. Baptism bears eternal implications. Once you hold hands with Jesus, and you stay with him, that commitment transcends time, transcends death, even transcends space. Indeed, the heavens are opened and the possibilities endless when Christ is by your side.

Let us cheer on our young people and in the process, recommit ourselves to our walk with Christ so that the heavens shall open upon our future!