Mountain Movers

This week, we heard Derek talk about some of what Jesus did in his final week. Among riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, cursing a tree, cleansing the temple, he taught the disciples what it takes to be mountain movers.

What does it mean to be a mountain mover and what are these mountains exactly? Often times we view these mountains as external circumstances or challenges that seem to be blocking us from achieving our goals. We see mountains as a situation, a spouse, a boss or a circumstance. We pray and we ask God to move these mountains as if to clear an easy path to our happiness.

Are these people and circumstances really mountains? Bosses come and go. Careers change. Circumstances vary. Relationships pass through seasons. These people and circumstances seem to be in a constant state of flux, lacking the lasting power of a true mountain.

Perhaps we should look at the things that require significant effort and persistence to change – the things that seem like a mountain that refuses to budge – such as your outlook? Maybe your habits? What about your attitude and your views of the circumstances and people in your life? Derek asked a peculiar question this week: “What if your outlook is a mountain for yourself or even someone else?”

Can you really change that mountainous habit? Can you change your attitude toward your career, your goals, your health and your finances? Can you change the atmosphere in your home? These questions lead to other questions. What if our circumstance wasn’t what needed to be moved? What if it was our heart that needed to be moved?

The disciples thought that during Jesus’ final week, Jesus was going to overthrow the great “mountain” that was Rome and bring in an earthly kingdom. What He really came to do was to change people’s hearts and prepare them for a heavenly kingdom.

Sometimes the external “mountains” are simply a mirage and the real mountain lies in our hearts. Before we ask God to move our mountains, we must first ask Him to help us identify the mountains. Once you and God agree on what the mountains are in your life, you can begin moving the mountains. Spend time this week seeking God and asking Him to help you identify the true mountains in your life. Bring Him your faith and be ready to experience the life-changing joy of the mountain mover.