Healing Power

Laugh Like Children

Laugh with the joy of a child.

Our grand children love to laugh and that is one of the reasons we enjoy them so much.  Our grand daughter is just discovering jokes and she loves to tell them.  Her latest joke goes like this “Have you heard the rumor about butter?”  We respond with “No”.  Her eyes dance with anticipation as she says – “Well then I won’t spread it around” we all burst into laughter.  It is a fabulous fun moment! Jesus said unless you become as a little child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Nehemiah stopped a massive crowd of Israelites who started crying when Ezra the Priest was delivering a Sabbath sermon that pointed out their sins. He told them that Sabbath was not a day for crying but for rejoicing and they should go home wash away their tears, fix the best meal and eat with gladness and “do not be in sorrow for the Joy of the Lord is our strength”.  So follow his Sabbath advice and gather together with your family to Celebrate the Joy of Jesus and it will strengthen your spirit.  


Pastor Des

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