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Flowing Oil

The Holy Spirit will flow like oil into the lives of those who trust in God.

A widow of one of the prophets in training who followed Elisha was in debt and her two sons were soon to be taken as slaves by the creditors leaving her totally destitute. Elisha heard her cries for deliverance and performed a miracle with one small flask of olive oil. He told her to collect as many jars as possible and begin pouring oil from that little vessel into the bigger vessels. The oil continued to flow until there were no more jars from family and friends giving the widow enough to pay the debts and have extra to live on with her sons. This story mirrors Jesus’ miracle where He took a little lunch and turned it into enough food to feed 5000 men not including women and children! If God can perform the miracles of the olive oil and the loaves and fishes, then He can surely multiply His blessings in your life if you would just trust in Him. Elijah provided for the widow and her son by the daily miracle of the flour and oil only after she shared her last meal with the prophet. Place the Lord first with your time, talents, and treasure and He will take care of your needs daily. You might not have all the money that you would like, but God will add peace and joy to your soul along with the earthly provisions. May the Lord bless us as we seek Him first and watch the Holy Spirit flow into our lives like the oil that flowed from that little jar into the big, borrowed jugs to provide for the widow and her family. AMEN.

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