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April 20, 2024 – “Witnessing Jesus’ Way”

Pastor Des Cummings Celebration SDA Church

Join us this Sabbath at Celebration Seventh Day Adventist Church in Celebration, Florida, as we gather to explore the theme of “Witnessing Jesus’ Way” and its profound impact on our lives. Pastor Des Cummings will lead us in understanding how this way of witnessing shapes our existence and connects us with God’s divine plan for salvation. As Christians, we have the choice to abide in Jesus Christ, embracing eternal life. Sabbath School commences at 10:00 am with a lesson entitled ‘Light Shines in the Darkness,’ followed by worship service at 11:00 am. Come, be a part of this enriching spiritual journey as we delve deeper into the teachings of Christ and fellowship together in His name.

🏛️ Location: Celebration Seventh Day Adventist Church
📅 Date: Sept 9, 2023
⏰ Sabbath School: 9:45 am
⏰ Worship Service: 11:00 am

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